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Jhanae A College Experience Computer Science Major

Q&A: Computer Science Major – Jhanae A (3:06)

“My major is computer science. I actually came in as a math major. I just love math growing up. Always, it just came to me pretty quick, but I also had the skill with technology growing up. So whenever it came to, like, fixing anything, my parents always called me when they wanted to set up something that was technology. But I didn’t know about computer science. And right before we started our classes, somebody told me like, “Well, if you like math and technology, that’s computer science.” So I was like, “Oh, that’s perfect.” I just switched my major really quick, and I love it.”

Why College

I think it could really open up a lot of opportunities. So if you have a dream that you’re really passionate about, college or university can actually really help you further that dream and become a professional at what you want to do and what you’re passionate about.

What I Love About College

My favorite part is definitely the people I’ve met. They’ve helped me not give up. They’ve helped me know where I’m going with advice and just building those friendships that actually last a lifetime. So that’s definitely been my favorite part.

Choosing a Major

Think outside the box. Because a lot of times when we’re growing up, we’re just used to what we’re taught in high school, middle school, elementary school. So we have our math, our English. We have our science, our history. And a lot of people don’t really think outside of that, like what their passion is, things they have fun doing. And so even if you’re not sure when you come to college, they have their career fairs. They have their major fairs. And you get to meet other people in the majors and get a feel for what you actually want to do and where your skills lie because we could have so many skills– like just math, and there’s so many different majors where that can be used. So just knowing yourself and knowing your skills will really help.

Choosing a College

I would keep in mind the major you’re maybe thinking about doing. If, say, you don’t have a major mind but any of those fields where you might, “Okay, maybe I’ll consider this, this, or that,” you have to look into what college you’re going to because not every college offers what you want. And when it comes to those majors, actually look at those departments because you never know, maybe they don’t have a strong department for what you want to do– as well as looking at the area you’re going to be in. The culture where you’re going to be, it definitely played a part in me choosing Spelman. I was really looking forward to the culture that I was going to learn and be part of.

Freshman Survival Tips

Once you get to college, be ready to step out the box. Be ready to try new things. You’re going to meet people from all over the place. So you are going to learn about other cultures, other upbringings. Don’t be afraid to try new things. College is not just about learning what’s in the textbooks or what’s from your professors. It’s about learning from your surroundings, learning from your friends, learning from your environment and your experiences while you’re here. So take advantage of all the learning opportunities you have, not just in the classroom.

Advice for Girls

Never compare yourself. Don’t let what you see other people doing and how successful other people are stop you from doing what you want to do and feeling great about yourself.

Last Words

You have to be willing to go far to get by.