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Kendall D College Experience Computer Science Major

Q&A: Computer Science Major – Kendall D (3:01)

“I am a computer science major and I attend Spelman College. I see the world is turning into this super technology-based place and everything is running on technology, and I see the importance of it and the good that can come out of technology.”

Why College

College is a great gateway to where you’re going to want to be in the future. With college comes lots of opportunities so you can get really good jobs and you can live super well. Also in college, you can learn more about things that interest you, and that’s something that you can focus on and thrive in and continue for the rest of your life.

What I Love About College

I think the best thing about being in college is probably the connections that you make, and not only with your peers, but with your faculty and with your professors. It’s an amazing place to kind of grow. You just learn so much about yourself being in college.

Choosing a College

If you are considering moving far away from home for college or pursuing a college that is on the opposite end or in a whole different city, I would definitely encourage that. I would say to be brave. You don’t really grow when you’re in your comfort zones. If you’ve got to make the move and if you’ve got to go somewhere that’s not in your comfort zone, you should definitely do it.

Why Spelman College

My top three favorite things about Spelman are probably, one, the sisterhood. You feel the sisterhood when you walk on campus, when you talk to someone, when you ask a question. The faculty, I really connect with my faculty and I really feel like they have my best interest. And I would probably say the traditions, so things like Founders Day, your first freshman week and all of the activities that you do, Olive Branch, all of these things that kind of keep you together and keep you connected and kind of transcend time. I think that’s really important and it’s really cool, and not all schools have these traditions and have such positive traditions.

My Future Goal

I want to start my own company and I want to develop applications that kind of minimize gaps. So whether that be socioeconomic, education gaps, I just want to make apps that everybody can use that kind of put everybody at an even playing field.

Advice for Girls

Everything that’s happening right now is not permanent, and life will not always be perfect, and it will not always be easy, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It will always be better. Focus on yourself. Love yourself. Learn about yourself. Every day is an accomplishment. Look at your highs and lows and really think about what you’ve learned from your lows and what it means to have accomplished your highs. And life is a doozy, but everything about it is going to make you into the person that you’re meant to be.

Last Words

It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.