Computer Science Major | El Camino College

My College Experience | Spelman College Student Yesenia G | Career Girls Role Model

Q&A: Computer Science Major – Yesenia G (2:37)

“I am a computer science major. I’m very passionate about creating programs. That is my way of showing my creativity behind the computer.”

Why College

I definitely recommend everybody to go to college, especially young women, because it’s a great experience. It really is. You meet a lot of different people. You build relationships with professors, with other students as well. You collaborate with them. You learn, too. Your communication skills improve a lot. And the courses that you take here, in college, they help you in the long run.

What I Love About College

One of the things I love the most is the freedom. You choose your own schedule as you want, especially if you have to work because some students do have to work. You get to just experience how to manage your time and balance everything out because that’s what’s very important in life.

Choosing a Major

I went to student services, and I was asking around. I was like, “Okay. What can I join? What programs do you offer? Do I qualify for it?” So just get the information you need. And that’s the biggest thing about college, is that people don’t come to you to tell you what you need to do. You go out there and you seek it yourself. And people, generally, want to help you. They want to help their students succeed.

Freshman Survival Tips

You’re going to have a lot of friends who are going to want to hang out with you and want to go somewhere else instead of studying, but you know you have an exam in three days, and you have that time frame to prepare for it. You have to know when to say no. You can’t just be like, “Yeah. Let’s go. It’s fine. I’ll deal with it tomorrow, or I’ll leave it for the next day. I’ll leave it for a day before the exam.” You don’t want to do that. Procrastination is your enemy.

Advice for Girls

You want to find what you’re most passionate about. If you enjoy what you do, it shouldn’t matter just how difficult it is. When you get it, it’s so much fun. For me, to create a project, a whole project on my own, starting it off is very difficult because you have to come up with an entire solution, and sometimes you’re like, “I don’t know how to get started.” But once you run through it, and you finally figure it out, you feel so successful that you completed that. So that is the best feeling about being a STEM major is that you show your creativity in a program or anywhere else you apply it in your life.