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My College Experience | Spelman College Student Ariel A | Career Girls Role Model

Q&A: Mathematics and Industrial Engineering Major – Ariel A (2:04)

“I am currently a junior at Spelman College, studying mathematics and industrial engineering in the dual degree engineering program. I chose those two majors because I’ve always been interested in problem-solving. Mathematics, usually you can get a problem and be able to solve the answer and know that you have the right answer. So I get assurance in knowing that when I am doing these problems, when I am working, I can always figure out if I’m on the right path or not.”

Why College

You should go to college, because college affords opportunities and opens doors for so many other things. Given that you have a college degree, you have a step up from a lot of your peers who may not have a college degree.

What I Love About College

The best thing about being in college is the freedom that you have. In college, you get to wake up when you want. You get to eat when you want. You get to join as many clubs as you want. And surround yourself with people that you are interested in making connections with. You also get the freedom to choose what you want to study. I think that’s a huge aspect that college affords people. In high school, in middle school, you study whatever is in the curriculum. But in college, you get freedom to choose your classes, as well as study the overall area that you enjoy the most.

Why Spelman College

Given that Spelman College is a school for Black women, everything is made for me. Everything is here to benefit me. And so I knew that going to a school that was made especially for me would be the best choice.

Freshman Survival Tips

A piece of advice that I would give to you is ask as many questions as possible. There’s so many people in this world that if you pick their brains, they’ll be open to answering your questions, and they can help you out later in life. So I would say, ask as many questions as possible.

Last Words

College is fun!