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Destiny S College Experience Mathematics Major

Q&A: Mathematics Major – Destiny S (2:06)

“My major is mathematics. And the reason why I chose mathematics is because, one, I love numbers. And I just love that math is implied in our life every day. When you’re using your car, you’re using calculus. So that’s one thing I’ve always enjoyed.”

Why College

You should go to college because one, it opens so many doors. It opens you to so many opportunities. I believe college’s the only way out just because we don’t have a lot of resources and don’t have a lot of opportunities. So college is the one way to be above that poverty line to make sure you do better.

Why Math

Math is important in everyday life just because you use it every day. When you’re shopping, you use money. And that involves a lot of math. Not only that, but if you decide to go anywhere in your career, you use math. When you’re a hairstylist– you use math when you’re cutting hair, the length, all of that. You always use math. And that’s why math is so important.

Choosing a College

One thing that you could do to know more about college is one, ask your teacher because they went to college. And they could give you so many resources, so many starting points. If you go to high school, there is most likely a college career center, which has a lot of resources and are able to let you know more about colleges.

Freshman Survival Tips

Some financial tips I could give you is one, definitely budget because sometimes those shopping sprees may go out of hand. But with budgeting, you are more likely to stick to it. My second tip would be to have discipline when it comes to your finances because you may want to spend on other things and maybe not want to stick to your budget. But it’s important to stick to your budget because it will help you along the long run.

Advice for Girls

Keep going and do not give up. Not a lot of women are in STEM, but you could be one of them. And you will succeed.

Last Words

Go to college. [laughter]