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Crystal W College Experience computer science major

Q&A: Computer Science Major – Crystal W (2:55)

“I am a computer science major, and I chose that because I fell in love with hacking.”

Why College

College is a fountain of information and education. If you’re not sure how to pursue what you want, someone at college will do it. If you need help maybe getting an interview or even just networking in connection, college is the center and has people that can help you do that. It’s very much the starting point to any career that you want to do.

Why Computer Science

Computer science is the future. If you love playing on your iPhone or even just going through social media, that’s all done through computers and programming. So being able to create that on this new format is just exciting.

Freshman Survival Tips

In high school, you make friends with different people who have different career paths. But in college, you really get to meet people who are all of the same interests and all working towards the same goal. So you have this community that gets to help you and helps you move forward and where you’re trying to go.

Choosing a College

The way I did it is I started with looking at colleges that had the best program for my field, and then I went and visited those college, and I found which ones had the best vibe for me.

Choosing a Major

Start with what you’re passionate with, something that you really love to do, something that you don’t think you could succeed in life without doing and then see how that fits into a career. Almost everything has a career field, and anything you want to do, you can turn into a career.

Study Tips

The most success I’ve had when trying to study is just different ways and seeing what best works for me. I know that for a lot of language classes, flashcards work better for me. But for a lot of math classes, flashcards won’t work, so I have to do a bunch of practice problems. I also realized that for me, I do better studying when I’m teaching other people because it tests my knowledge of how well I know the material.

Advice for Girls

Don’t be afraid to explore different things. You may be set on one way, but it’s okay to change it up later on in life. I was very much set on video editing, and then later on, I decided to go computer science, and that’s okay. You don’t have to make a absolute permanent decision at this age. You have so much time to figure it out.

Final Words

Don’t be afraid to explore your path.