Computer Science Major | Spelman College

Q&A: Computer Science Major – Miranda M (2:19)

“I am a computer science major at Spelman College. I chose computer science because I went to a career and technical education high school back in New York City, and in that program, I learned Cisco Networking. So that was my first time really being exposed to technology.”

Why College

You should go to college because you can learn so much in college that you may not know if you do not go to college. And also, going to college can open up so many other doors that you may not be exposed to if you only had a high school diploma. You should consider computer science as a major when you attend college because there’s an endless amount of opportunities in computer science, and not just in computer science, but technology in general. One thing I love about being in college is not only being independent, but being open-minded to learn so many different things in such little time.

Choosing a College

If you’re considering going to college out of state, I would first sit down and have that conversation with my parents to ensure that that’s an option, because oftentimes college out of state costs more money. So if you’re in a financial dilemma, I think you should sit down and talk with your parents and see if that’s an option. And if it is an option, be open to it, because you’ll meet so many different people from different walks of life if you go to college out of state.

Freshman Survival Tips

Getting involved, whether that be something on campus or even off campus– I’m very into volunteer work, so I may do something off campus where it’s feeding the homeless or packing books up for students in Africa who may not have access to these books.

Advice for Girls

Make sure you keep yourself first, because I think sometimes we forget that when we get to college. We just want to fit in and be with everyone else. So make sure you stay true to who you are, where you come from. Don’t forget those values that your parents have taught you, or your legal guardian, whoever you may have grown up with. I think that’s one thing that’s really important.

Last Words

Don’t forget to put yourself first and give back when you can.