Undecided Major | University of San Francisco

Morgan F College Experience

Q&A: Undecided Major – Morgan F (2:18)

“I’m an undecided arts and sciences major, and I chose that because I’m a very indecisive person and I don’t really know where I want to go, but I know I want to do something kind of towards the sciences. Right now, I’m thinking forensic science.”

Why College

I think girls should go to college because it is an opportunity that hasn’t always been offered to us. So I think that girls should take advantage of this opportunity, get themselves educated, get into the fields that they want to study in or in the field that they want to work in because girls have so much potential. So we should go to college and kick some butt.

What I Love About College

Definitely one of my favorite things about college is all the people that I’ve met. Everybody is so nice and so kind and so really there for you and supportive when you need it. And I’m always there for them when they need it.

Choosing a College

Choosing a college for myself definitely wasn’t the easiest process, I would definitely say look into majors, and if you are set on a certain major, you should make sure the school has that or a lot of other options for majors. So if you end up switching, they still offer something that you’re interested in. Make sure that the campus life is what you want. Make sure that the city that you choose is what you want. There are lots of aspects that go into colleges, not just the education, so I feel like looking into that is really important.

Freshman Survival Tips

Some tips for incoming freshmen I would say, is to go to club fairs and sorority rushing, get involved in your school because that is something that I missed in the first few weeks of school and I really regret not doing it.

Advice for Girls

To prepare for college, do not catch senioritis because it is a real thing and you’re going to want to slack off and stop studying and stop doing your homework. But all of that is so important for college. So do your homework, study for those tests, and get the grades, so then you are prepared for college.