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Juliette R College Experience English Major

Q&A: English Major – Juliette R (1:42)

“I’m an English Major because I wanted to help show how important literature is.”

What I Love About College

My favorite thing about college is getting to know other people, and being able to speak to everybody from a different country or a different state in getting to know how they were raised.

Choosing a Major

I would say do something you’re passionate about, something that would leave a mark on this world.

Study Tips

One of the challenges I faced was work management and by doing that I went to my professors and peers in the classrooms to help me with homework or with studying. I stay productive by going into the library and bringing a bunch of friends and being able to focus on homework and getting their opinions and help.

Preparing for College

The things I wish I learned before college are probably time management and cooking. My must haves for college are probably my vacuum, my turtlenecks, and my Mac Lipsticks.

Freshman Survival Tips

Some advice I’d give to the incoming freshmen is to keep FaceTime close by if you miss family. Be optimistic. Also, you never know what college can lead to, it can be relationships, it can be internships, just be open, and keep a smile on your face.

Advice for Girls

Be a proud woman. Hope for the best and you will find your way eventually.