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Sabrina H College Experience English Major

Q&A: English Major – Sabrina H (3:18)

“I’m an English major and I chose that major because I’ve always been in love with storytelling. I felt like English was the best way for me to expand my knowledge on it and become a better storyteller.”

Why College

I think you can be successful in any way you decide to be. But college is a really helpful tool to help girls get into a global successful environment. If you want to do business, become a teacher or anything you want college is a great tool to get there. You can finally focus on yourself and do things for you. I think a lot about being a girl is having to take care of others, and that’s not a bad thing, and I do a lot of that. But, in college it’s not about others, it’s about you and what you want to do and who you’re going to become.

What I Love About College

I think my favorite part of college is finally being able to focus on myself. A lot of my life has been focused on my brothers, who are all younger than me. For the first time since they’ve been born, it’s been a lot about me, but I think I’m liking it a lot more than I ever thought I would.

Choosing a College

I think you should really keep your options open when you apply for schools. When you look at them, think about the area you want to live in. Look at the nice really big schools that everybody wants to go to, but also look at smaller ones. I found that the smaller communities were a way better fit for me. Keep in mind where you lived before and where you want to live now. Consider if you wanna move away from your parents. That was a really hard decision for me but I’m glad I did it because I think it gave me a lot more freedom.

Choosing a Major

Just pick what you love. If you’re going to put in all this money and time and effort into school, and moving away, you should really do something you love. You should wake up in the morning wanting to go to school, because of your major. Even if it’s not going to make you tons of money, just do what you love.

Freshman Survival Tips

If you’re thinking about moving away from home to attend school, it can be really scary. Just let me tell you this right now that it gets so much easier. The longer you stay away, the easier it is for you to realize that you can do this on your own. It’s just about time it’s about finding the right people to talk to you if you really need to get the stuff off your chest. I do encourage people to do that. I had to do that when I moved away. Go out and find people to talk to. They’re going to be there for you. You can always find people to love and support you wherever you are.

Advice for Girls

Just go for it. Girls tend to hold back and I feel like if we just went for it if we just stop caring. It took me a long time, but then we can just do what we like to do. We get so much done and that’s really exciting to me. I hope we can get a lot more done in the future and I’m looking forward to it.