Psychology Major | University of San Francisco

Q&A: Psychology Major – Alizee J (1:54)

“I’m majoring in psychology and minoring and film studies and African-American studies. I really believe in social justice and I want to portray that in documentaries when I’m older and I get a job, hopefully for an NGO.”

Why College

There’s more opportunities for you if you go to college. You are able to be more qualified for the job that you want to do. You’re able to do more things for people that you care about and people that you love.

What I Love About College

The freedom that you have with your classes– you get to pick all your classes. I mean, obviously you have advisors who advise what classes you should take. But at the end of the day, it’s all you. You get to just pick what you do with your free time. You could sleep all day, or you could go out, or meet new people, or get a job. You have so much freedom.

Challenges of College

One of the biggest challenges of being in college was managing my money and making it stretch. You want to go out. You want to go to restaurants or movie theater. But it costs money. So you need a job.

Freshman Survival Tips

Academically, the way I stay on top of things is by doing it as soon as they’re assigned. So that way I don’t worry about it. I always study or do the paper or project or whatever it is the day that it’s assigned. Continue joining clubs, continue reading a lot of books. Because when I was in high school, we had to do a lot of community service, which is why I’m so passionate about social justice and giving back. So I wish I’d taken the initiative more to do more internships with those NGOs that I did community service with.

Advice for Girls

My biggest advice is not to worry about what other people think about you or what other people are doing. College is a time for growth. And everyone is so focused on growing and learning who they are that they don’t– it’s not that they don’t care. But they’re not focused on what you’re doing. So just do you.