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Rachel T college experience psychology pre-med major

Q&A: Psychology Pre-Med Major – Rachel T (2:01)

“My major is psychology pre-med, because I want to pursue a career in psychiatry. I have to take pre-med too, since psychiatry involves prescription of medication. I really love Criminal Minds, while watching that series I got really into how FBI agents profile people, and determine mental illnesses. I’m really interested in it and I really want to help people with mental illnesses. That’s why I chose psychology too.”

Why College

As a female in college now I realize that I have grown so much, taking general education classes. Taking classes that I really like and doing something that I have a passion for. Don’t let what other people tell you stop you from doing what you really want.

What I Love About College

Being in college really really made an impact in my life, because I’m an international student. I came here for college and it’s a whole different environment, but I was able to enjoy my time here. I really like the classes that we have, and the people are really friendly.

Choosing a Major

I think in choosing a major, you really need to think about what you have passion for. For me, I really like children, but then when I first started studying child psychology, I didn’t like it. But it’s okay if you go into a major and then you decide you don’t like it. It’s okay to change your major, I did that too.

Freshman Survival Tips

One thing that’s really important is to take good notes. Some professors use PowerPoint slides, some use the whiteboard, but what’s really important is what the professor says. Always take notes of what the professor says, because that will really come up in your exams and tests. Being able to get eight hours of sleep every night really increases your focus in class, which would enable you to absorb more knowledge, and you remember stuff better. The most important thing to manage your finances is to budget. It’s important to keep aside money for school supplies, daily necessities, food, and rent. Also keep aside some money for if you transfer to university.

Advice for Girls

College is important because you get the education that you need, And it also helped me grow as a person. I would really encourage you to go to college. I would like to leave you guys with a quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”