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Candy T College Experience psychology major

Q&A: Psychology Major – Candy T (2:19)

“I am a psychology major, and hopefully minoring in neuroscience to go to premed route. I really find it interesting learning about how people process information and why they behave the way they do.”

Why College

I think that every girl should go to college because each individual person has something to offer the world. And you just got to find your passion because everyone has something to offer, whether it be in science or teaching. There’s always something that the world needs, and I think women are very capable of fulfilling those roles.

What I Love About College

I think my favorite part is just meeting all the different people here, because everyone’s come from a different background, different places. Everyone has so many different interests. Like you can just meeting people outside of my major, and learning why they chose to be in that field.

Freshman Survival Tips

Don’t feel pressured to take 18 units your first semester in college. I know a lot of counselors say you need to just jump into your classes and take a full load your first semester. But honestly, I’m a big supporter of just ease your way into school, like figure out your study skills and habits.

Study Tips

I’ll just send myself to the library, put in some headphones with some really boring classical music, and I just force myself to read the book or make flashcards if it’s like memorizing bio stuff. Going over your own notes and figuring out ways to rewrite it, I think that helps too. Forcing yourself to be in a zone where you can’t be distracted from other people, that really helps me.

Advice for Girls

College isn’t all about homework and classes and stuff. It’s a new world for you. You’re in a new place most likely, so just take time out for yourself. Go explore the city. Treat yourself to a nice meal every now and then. Take time to do things with the new people that you’re meeting. Don’t focus too hard on just studying 24/7. Do well in your classes, but enjoy yourself. You’re paying to be in a new area, so take advantage of that. Enjoy yourself and get that degree.