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My College Experience | Spelman College Student Kimberlyn H | Career Girls Role Model
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Q&A: Health Science Major – Kimberlyn H (2:14)

“I’m a Health Science Major because I would like to be a physical therapist, so Health Science is a great way to get involved in different classes that will help me be able to attend physical therapy school.”

Why College

You should consider going to college because college is a place where you can make all of your biggest dreams a reality. You can explore all kinds of career goals, all kinds of opportunities. You can learn more about yourself and you can be the most successful version of yourself.

What I Love About College

One of my favorite things about being in college is hanging out with my friends. We always have so much fun. We do so many things. Go on adventures. We help each other get through college. Most days when you’re tired and you have so much work to do. You learn a lot about other people and then you also get to learn a lot about yourself.

Why Spelman College?

I chose Spelman College because it is one of the few places that is specifically made for black women. Everything here is made for us by us. Everyone here supports us and wants to see us succeed and that is not always something that you will find when you’re moving throughout the world. It really helps you find who you are as a black woman so that when you’re put in other spaces you will always be the best version of yourself.

Freshman Survival Tips

When you’re here you have so much time on your hands you don’t know what to do with it. I found that making a schedule, learning when is the best time to do things, how much time things take is very helpful, not only in college but throughout your entire life.

Advice for Girls

You should always be yourself. You will meet so many people in this world. People who will try to challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone, but you just have to know that you are the best version of you. You are perfect in your own way and you should never ever ever let anybody tell you who you are, what you can do, and what you can be.