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Asija S College Major Biochemistry Major
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Q&A: Biochemistry Major – Asija S (2:04)

“My major is biochem. I chose biochem because I eventually want to become a neurosurgeon, a world-class-ranking neurosurgeon. I chose that because I’m very interested in the brains, the thoughts, and the process, and even more so, everything about life. And I want to be the person that can really help and be hands-on.”

Why College

I recommend going to college because, first off, furthering education is important and I feel like abundance is possible. So if you can see it, you should go and achieve it.

What I Love About College

There’s so many different people that you can interact with. There’s so many clubs to get involved with. There’s so many activities. There’s so many outings. College is a raw, good experience.

Paying for College

Do not let financial income be a deterrent for you not going to college because there’s always a way. There’s tons of scholarships out there. There’s tons of scholarships just based on your race. There’s tons of scholarships from magazine. There’s scholarships for being left-handed. There’s all type of ways for money. You just have to go get it. You ask and you shall receive. If your mouth is closed you’re not going to get fed. And so I feel like, financially, don’t let that be a deterrent.

Overcoming Adversity

There’s many obstacles throughout college. One that I faced, a huge one was, basically, family support for being a STEM major. There’s not many females going into the field so not a lot of people are very accepting of it. But I overcame that with resources from school and my advice for that was to say if you ever have any obstacles that may not even necessarily be school-related or anything to do academically, there’s always somewhere that you can go in school and ask so that you can be directed in the right way to go.

Advice for Girls

Any advice that I can give is to stay true to yourself and always follow your passions.