Be Confident

Diverse women role models smiling beneath the word confidence
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Be Confident (1:19)

“You have to believe in yourself. And you say it and you hear it all the time. But it’s true. It’s having enough confidence in yourself. “I know what I’m doing.” The best thing that a person could be is to be exactly who they are and know that who you are is awesome. If you can be 10 to 13 years old and have that kind of confidence, then you can take over the world.”

Discussion Questions

1) The video explains that confidence builds over time. This means that you have more confidence as you get older and have more experience. What is one way you are more confident now than when you were younger?

2) Two people in the video say confidence is about believing in yourself. What does it mean to believe in yourself? What is one way you showed that today?

3) You heard someone in the video say, “You can do amazing things if you apply yourself.” When you apply yourself, you work hard to reach a goal. What is a goal you have? What steps can you take to apply yourself in reaching your goal?

4) In the video, listeners learn that “there’s a lot of power in you being you.” Part of knowing who you are is understanding your strengths. If your friend named three things you’re really good at, what would she say?

5) A speaker in the video tells listeners that the best thing you can be is exactly who you are. How would you explain to a younger child what it means to be exactly who you are?

Discussion Guide

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Classroom Lesson Plan

What’s the number one power you need to go after your dreams? Find the answer in this video! (We think it might just become your favorite superpower ever!)

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Empowerment Activities

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