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My College Experience | El Camino College Student Briana B | Career Girls Role Model
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Q&A: Biomedical Engineering Major – Briana B (2:51)

“My major is biomedical engineering because it takes years for people to get any type of organ on the donor list. A lot of people die before they even get the organs they need so it would really help if we could actually grow them for them.”

Why College

You get to be really well rounded when you’re learning here. You get to get a little bit of geography, get a little bit of math, and get a little bit of English. You’re developing yourself and kind of seeing everything and I think that’s really helpful.

Wha I Love About College

There’s so many different people that you come into contact with, that you have to work with, and I just feel like it really just shows you different sides of everything. Everyone has different backgrounds and it’s amazing to see the world through their perspective.

Choosing a Major

I would probably go into college undeclared, you can do that. Then you can use your time here to figure out what you want to do. They do require you to go take classes that are all round, so you’re able to kind of wanna see what you like and what you don’t like.

Freshman Survival Tips

I think whenever you’re able to share your story you should do it, because that really helps you when you’re trying to apply to UC’s and things like that. It makes you realize the stuff that you’ve gone through. You can really do a lot. I went through this or that situation. It could be multiple situations. Working, once you see how hard it is to make money, whatever little money that you do make, you start realizing that ‘you know what I think I might want to stay home.’ Also when you’re working at the same time as going to school you’re pretty tired, so usually I don’t really wanna go out as much, you’re able to save that money. Also, I started a savings account very young, which is very helpful.

Advice for Girls

Be okay with talking to people in classes, because you’re not the only person who’s new here. Many people are trying to figure it out as well, I think that if you just are open to speaking with anybody. Just starting up a conversation helps get friends instantly. People are actually a lot more friendly than you think. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because that’s what’s really going to bring things to light for you.