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Hope G College Experience in Communications Major
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Q&A: Communications Major – Hope G (2:06)

“I am a communications major, and I will, hopefully, soon declare a double major with critical diversity studies as well.”

Why College

I think further education is very important not just to find a job nowadays but also because it hasn’t always been an opportunity for women to be in education on a college level. So I think that’s very important because it places women higher in the workplace as well if they do have higher education and it gives you the opportunity to build character and to develop more skills.

What I Love About College

My favorite thing would have to be the classes that I’m able to take and the new friends that I’ve been able to make as well. There are very interesting individuals here who come from very different backgrounds, and I really love it.

Choosing a Major

Social work is something that’s very interesting to me, and I am really interested in learning about different cultures and just how different societies work together and just the effects of different cultures coming together.

Freshman Survival Tips

I’m a first-generation college student, so that’s been very difficult. I don’t have any mentoring from back home, but the school does provide a lot of extracurriculars that you can get involved in and a lot of adults who are here to help you with planning your studies and everything like that. But that’s been very difficult and also balancing social life and study life because we are in San Francisco and it’s a very beautiful place and I want to go out all the time.

Advice for Girls

It’s very important for you to go to college because it helps you figure out your place in the world and what you’re supposed to be doing, and it helps you to express your passion. To be informed with the world, I think, is extremely important in finding your purpose in your journey.