Marketing Major | University of San Francisco

Julia S College Experience Marketing Major

Q&A: Marketing Major – Julia S (2:14)

“I’m a marketing major because I like observing consumer demand and trying to connect with customers to provide them products or services.”

Why College

Why people should go to college is that you’re surrounded by people who are always empowering you to be your best self and to truly dig deeper into everything that you’re learning, as well as learn more about yourself through these different studies and help pick out your major and help pick out what you’re good at and maybe some things you’re not good at. It kind of helps give you a sense of the world and helps you think in a bigger picture.

What I Love About College

My favorite thing about college is definitely meeting people who are interested in the same things as you and the same majors. It kind of gives you a perspective on other people’s views and kind of just helps you meet new people.

Choosing a Major

Tips for picking your major is finding something that you’re passionate about, which is something that your heart is almost drawn to, something that you really can’t stop thinking about, whether that’s connecting with other people or looking into other people’s decisions. It’s kind of just something that you always think about all the time and you really love to do and you’d never get bored of it.

Preparing for College

Before I came to college, I wish I knew how to time manage more because coming to school, I was kind of overwhelmed with the amount of work that I have, as well as managing a job and sorority life. So I just wish I knew how to manage time better.

Advice for Girls

I think young girls should go to college because it’s almost like motivation and like a push and like an empowerment to do good with your life. And I chose to go to college because nobody else in my family has gone. So I’m the first generation to go to school, and I wanted to make a push and pull for my younger sisters as well.