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My College Experience | University of San Francisco Student Leah C | Career Girls Role Model
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Q&A: Communications Major – Leah C (1:51)

“My major is communication studies, and I chose it because I think it’s just a really good broad education, and I’m interested in kind of media and how to kind of bridge the gap between people, and I think communication studies allows me to do that.”

Why College

It’s so important for girls to go to college, reach higher levels of education. Now, we have all the opportunities. I think it’s important to take advantage of that and really put ourselves out there and educate ourselves.

What I Love About College

Well, besides my education, that I’m super grateful for, also the friends I made, I didn’t expect how– I thought I would have a hard time making friends, but I really found a group of people I connected with, and that was awesome to just meet new people who are passionate and driven about other things, especially girls you could look up to who really knew what they wanted. It was just very inspiring.

Choosing a Major

Choose something that you’re interested in because otherwise, you’re just punishing yourself, and obviously we have these societal expectations that you have to pick something that you’ll be successful in, but I don’t think that’s a very healthy mindset to have, and I know it sounds cheesy, but you really should do what you care about.

Freshman Survival Tips

Stay on top of your work, balance work and play, appreciate what you have now. I love San Francisco. [I’ll?] have to be grateful for the city that I’m in rather than just miss home so much. It’s hard, but you have to move on. Talk to your professors. I was always really scared of approaching them and asking questions or emailing them. If you need help, they’re there to help you.

Advice for Girls

You shouldn’t let anything stop you. Especially for girls, we’re constantly told what we can and can’t do, and I think being in college and being independent is a very valuable experience.