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Q&A: Chemistry Major – Beatrice B (2:29)

“I’m a chemistry major because I just fell in love with it. It kind of hit me like a freight train out of nowhere.”

Why College

Going to college is really important because you’re setting the foundation for your life. You need to be educated because those are the people in this world who are going to make the biggest difference.

Why Chemistry

Well, chemistry is great because it’s basically the foundation of everything around us. Pretty much everything you see when you look outside is made up of a few elements of the periodic table. And that’s just so fascinating and so cool. And it’s really, really empowering knowing that all these molecules come together and make up you and me and how we have the potential to do these amazing things using all of this knowledge.

What I Love About College

Just being able to meet people like you and different people with different ideas, it’s really incredible being in this big network of people who have different backgrounds. And with those backgrounds, they bring different ways of solving problems, and you get a different perspective on just life in general.

Freshman Survival Tips

Once you find some major or area that you want to study that you really, really love, you just fall in love with the topic itself, and you fall in love with everything associated with it. And so that’s when studying becomes fun. That’s when doing homework problems becomes fun. That’s when you’ll get together with your group of friends, and you’ll go to a Starbucks, and you’ll study because that’s your version of fun and having a good time.

Paying for College

One of the easiest ways that I have found to pay for college is through scholarships and financial aid, and applying for them is super easy. There’s a bunch of different kinds, and some of them might surprise you. And I have personally been a little nervous to apply for them because I never really thought that I would qualify or get any of them. But I’ve been really surprised at how easy it is.

Advice for Girls

You really have to see what you like to do. If you love something, if you want to learn more about something, if you have that internal drive for knowledge and learning, then go for it.