Filmmaking Careers

Diverse women role models smiling beneath the words careers in filmmaking
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Do you love telling stories? Is writing scripts or creating film your dream? Maybe you’re not sure yet and you want to gather more information. Find out what it’s like to have a career in filmmaking from the role models in this video who work as directors, producers, and more.

Sharing our ideas and stories with others is powerful, and the film industry offers you the opportunity to do so every day. If you're someone who likes being creative, working on teams, and using your imagination, a career in film might be for you. This video takes a closer look at some of the best parts of having a career in filmmaking.

The resources here can help you discover what it really means to have a career in filmmaking and what types of jobs are available.


Fun Page Activity

Fun Page Activity: Explore careers in filmmaking by learning the job descriptions for common film careers. Match the description to the career.

Discussion Guide

Independent Learning Discussion Guide: Watch the “Filmmaking Careers” video, then think about which film careers are most interesting to you and the steps you can start taking today to prepare for your future. This all-purpose guide can also be used by educators, parents, and mentors to jumpstart a valuable discussion about careers in filmmaking.

Classroom Lesson Plan

Classroom Lesson Plan: This step-by-step lesson plan is available to guide a more in-depth “before, during, and after” learning experience when viewing the video with students. This lesson plan is also suitable for use in after-school programs and other educational settings.