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college advice from Dakarai, a Biochemistry major at Spelman College
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Q&A: Biochemistry Major – DaKarai S (2:01)

“I’m a biochemistry major, I knew I love science, and I knew I love math, but I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. But the opportunities that I’ve had here have helped me kind of figure out where I’m going to go with this biochemistry degree.”

Why College

Go to college so that you can better yourself. I know, for me, I’m a first-generation college student and I take that very seriously. I make sure I’m going back and motivating my younger cousins because I know we’re out here for a bigger purpose. It wasn’t always possible that we could go to college, so we need to take advantage of every opportunity that we get.

What I Love About College

I’d say it’s helping people. I’m a resident adviser in my freshman hall that I’ve stayed in, so that’s really near and dear to my heart that I get to be there for them as freshmen and get to help them through their journey.

Why Spelman

The reason I chose Spelman is simple. I Googled what’s the number one HBCU historically black college university and Spelman College came up and I knew I wanted to be with the best and around the best, and I knew that I could stick out with the best.

Goals for the Future

My future goals after I obtain my undergraduate in biochemistry, I intend to go get my Ph.D. and hopefully come back and teach at Spelman College and be a professor here and continue to do research.

Choosing a Major

If you know that you love math or you love science, start getting into different science clubs, doing science fairs, looking up different science experiments. I know when I was young I used to like to make a little slime and stuff like that. There’s so many things you can do, even though you’re young. Don’t let that stop you from starting to figure out what you want to do.

Freshman Survival Tips

Don’t get lost and lose yourself trying to be somebody else that you’re not. You have to stay true to yourself and true to your morals, and who you are can change, and that is possible, but you have to be open to grow into who you’re going to become.

Last Words

It’s your choice, and you can choose to change the world.