Psychology Major | Spelman College

Get college advice from psychology major Kayla, at Spelman College. She gives tips on how to choose a major, adjusting to college life and being successful in college.
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Q&A: Psychology Major – Kayla S (2:10)

“I’m a psychology major and I go to Spelman College. I actually want to go into the business side of psychology, which deals more with marketing. And that side interests me because I love to find out the science of how businesses can cater to consumers and why certain advertisements appeal to certain people, but others don’t.”

Why College

Although it can be scary at first, you’re surrounded by so many people who are there for you who want to see you succeed that it becomes your own family away from home. It exposes you to a plethora of experiences. Every day, my email is bursting with new opportunities. Yesterday, we had Spike Lee on campus. It’s just an amazing place to network and try something that you may not be comfortable with.

Why Spelman

I chose Spelman because I wanted an environment that I feel would help me to become a better and stronger Woman of Color. I was actually the first person in my family to attend an HBCU or a Historically Black College and University. I don’t even know what to expect because I’ve been at predominantly White institutions a good majority of my life, yet attending Spelman has been one of the best experiences of my life. And I’m in an environment with people who motivate me to do better and to become better. And I saw evidence of this when I went to Spelbound, and I was just captivated by how amazing these women were and their excellence.

What I Love About Spelman

Three things I love about Spelman is the southern hospitality, the sisterhood, and the third thing is the networking opportunity. Surrounded by both Morehouse and Clark Atlanta, you’re able to immerse yourself in meeting new people and creating experiences that are able to last you not only now, but also in your future.

Freshman Survival Tips

Never be afraid to accomplish what you want to achieve. I know, personally, in middle school, I struggled a lot. I was insecure, I had major test anxiety, and I would let myself be defined by others instead of defining myself for me. So I would say don’t let yourself succumb to other people’s expectations of you, but create your own standards of expectations and meet them, achieve them, or even go above them. And that way, you’ll truly succeed.

Last Words

Every setback is a setup for a comeback.